About Stone Artisans

At Stone Artisans we believe in our products. From standard natural stones to the most rare exotic stones, SA utilizes the characteristics of each stone to benefit its application.

It is about asking our clients what they want and selecting a material that best fits their personality and needs.

Partnering with importers, SA provides the largest selection of natural stones in Indiana. At SA we will find the slabs that you want for your project!

It is what we do here at SA that sets us apart from the rest. By hand selecting all our natural stones, we insure they are free from imperfections and flaws.

It is about knowing each of our clients by name and having one of SA’s owners at  every installation that makes SA rise above the rest!

It is about “saying what we will do” and “doing it”. That’s the SA difference!

It is 25 years of designing and building products that last a lifetime.

The SA difference is all about doing things better!